Our Impact

With the support of 3CTN leadership, trialists, research staff and patients from across Canada have accomplished measurable improvements in academic cancer clinical trials.

What We Accomplished in 2018-2019

Network Achievements

Trial Portfolio Impact

Usage of Clinical Trial Management Systems

Performance by Province


  • Accrual to Y5 Target = 88%
  • Recruited 3 Patient Reps and engaged them in activities
  • Developed formal process for conducting post-mortem

British Columbia

  • Accrual to Y5 Target = 85%
  • Recruited 1 Patient Rep
  • Streamlined process for referral of trials between centres
  • Streamlined QA processes and tools


  • Accrual to Y5 Target = 64%
  • Recruited 1 Patient Rep
  • Created process to identify and remediate unforeseen CT budget expenses
  • Mentorship for the NACC
  • Developed Patient Satisfaction Survey


  • Accrual to Y5 Target = 65%
  • Recruited 1 Patient Rep
  • Set up ongoing maintenance of the Clinical Trials Flowsheets and trial tracking system

Nova Scotia

  • Accrual to Y5 Target = 69%
  • Recruited 1 Patient Rep
  • PPI on Portfolio Review Committee
  • Evaluation of open trials process — study performance metrics evaluation


  • Accrual to Y5 Target = 156%
  • Recruited 11 Patient Reps
  • Launched Clinical Trials Navigator Program
  • Public outreach events to raise CTs awareness
  • Streamlined trial activation processes


  • Accrual to Y5 Target = 38%
  • Recruited 1 Patient Rep
  • Initiated Pre-screening & Permission to Contact implementation at sites
  • Re-launched Ask Me Campaign at all sites during International Clinical Trials Week in May

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